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Belangrijke Mental States

The brain determines your performance. Three mental states have a very big impact on the delivery of a good Mental Performance:

ZOOM concentration and mental energy
ZEN relaxation and a good night's sleep
MOOD positive frame of mind and motivation

Only if they all contribute, you can deliver your best performance. And do you have a little less Zoom, Zen or Mood ...? Boost your Mental Performance with BrainBooster advice and products!

Avoid mental overload

BrainBooster helps!

A combination of information stress, your brain's neuroplasticity and the current society’s expectations, lead more and more people to a mental overload or even a burn-out. Stress, insomnia, concentration issues, lack of energy, no motivation or depression are typical symptoms.

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Phyto Synergy Formulas

Nature backed by science

Phyto Synergy Formulas

BrainBooster product formulas are based on the active components of beneficial plants. In synergy with specific amino acids, vitamins, and minerals they enhance each other's effect optimally.

Our scientists always opt for ingredients with a high bio-availability. This means that your body can really absorb and use our ingredients for the very best result. So convenient, right?! Phyto Synergy is natural, safe, and effective!

Reviews en stories

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What do others think?

Before you buy a product, would you like to know what others think about it? In any case, it seems very logical to us. We spend a lot of time on our formulas, which we test in laboratories and then with real mental performers in their daily lives. And we are only fully satisfied when the results are perfect, and the taste is delicious. Only in this way we can be sure that you will be completely satisfied!

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