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Do you want to deliver a better mental performance during your important daily tasks? Do you feel you need some help doing this, because it’s all a little too hectic at times? Do you think that using strong chemical products like Ritalin, Modafinil or sleeping pills with annoying side effects isn’t the right solution for your brain?

Then BrainBooster would love to help you! Our advice on concentration, relaxation and mood, combined with our natural and effective products, will help you deliver your maximum mental performance.

Allow us to introduce ourselves and explain why choosing our advice and products is a safe and effective way to improve your mental performance. Welcome to BrainBooster!

We believe in science

Scientific product formulas

Science is our foundation

When you buy a product somewhere or get advice, then you want this to come from someone with expertise and experience, right? You can rely on our products that provide maximum protection. BrainBooster is after all part of the successful Dutch company Orange Pearl.
Orange Pearl has been specialized in medical self-care and health products since 1989. Orange Pearl’s most important patent is the 2QR-complex: an effective, safe and natural alternative to antibiotics. Read more about Orange Pearl.
The scientists responsible for our medical devices also develop the BrainBooster Phyto Synergy Formulas and give you the best advice on nutrition, your brain and sensible practices. At the bottom of this page we would like to introduce ourselves!

Quality assurance

According to highest standards

Quality assurance

Orange Pearl only works according to a completely scientific method using active, plant-based ingredients. It goes without saying that all products are clinically responsible and tested. The self-care products are actively recommended by medical professionals, and are covered by insurance in some countries. Orange Pearl’s success has been rewarded with several (international) entrepreneurship awards.

Orange Pearl’s scientists use the same high standard to develop the Phyto Synergy Formulas for BrainBooster. They also use their various areas of expertise to provide the best advice on nutrition, the brain and routines. This makes BrainBooster’s high-quality formulas unique while also giving BrainBooster an innovative, scientific and extremely professional position in the dietary supplements market!

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