Combining products

Specific needs

Each of the three BrainBooster Phyto Synergy Formulas were developed separately to contribute directly and specifically to one of the three important mental states: Zoom, Zen or Mood. Only when all three contribute can you achieve your best performance.

That means that we purposefully didn’t create an all-in-one capsule which obstensibly contributes to everything your brain needs to perform better. Because that simply isn’t possible. All our active ingredients would never fit in a single capsule, for a start. And everyone has different, specific needs. Why would you use ingredients for concentration if you need to relax?

Using a combination in busy times

Of course, you can have different needs on a stressful day or in a busy period. This is often the case in more hectic weeks. In these periods (like exams, or important weeks at work) a combination can be very effective! Read on to find out which product combinations will help you reach maximum mental performance.


How to combine?

ZoomBooster and ZenBooster
It’s during busy times that you notice that mental needs can vary over a specific period. Maybe you need some extra help to concentrate this week, while you’re also more stressed than normal on these busy days. It’s fine to take a ZoomBooster in the afternoon and a ZenBooster in the evening. It can really help! Do make sure that there is a period of at least three hours between your ZoomBooster and ZenBooster, so that the ingredients don’t counteract each other and the individual effects are optimal.

Mood + Zen / Zoom

Great synergy

Mood +

MoodBooster always works well with ZoomBooster or ZenBooster.

The MoodBooster evening capsule in particular works in perfect synergy with ZenBooster. This is because the MoodBooster 5-HTP is a precursor of serotonin, which your brain converts to melatonin. This hormone is responsible for your sleep-wake schedule. In combination with ZenBooster’s valerian, among other things, it can help you get a good night’s rest.

Magnesium +

An important mineral

Magnesium +
With magnesium, it’s important that you get no more than two thirds of your daily recommended amount through supplements. This is why you find a third of the daily recommended amount in both ZenBooster and MoodBooster, and why combining them works especially well. Moreover, fanatic athletes have an increased need for magnesium. You will also need more in the event of exertion and stress.