SamplePack: Zoom- & ZenBooster



  • Good for your concentration and memory
  • Keeps your mind clear during mental exertion
  • Helps you improve your cognitive and mental performance



  • Helps achieve calmness under mental pressure
  • Provides support in times of tension and stressful situations
  • Helps to relax during times of inner turmoil


1 ZoomBooster sachet: 20 g
1 ZenBooster sachet: 5 g

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A SamplePack consists of a ZoomBooster and a ZenBooster sachet.

  • ZoomBooster helps you with that great mental load. The formula quickly provides extra focus and sharpness to improve your mental performance. Take ZoomBooster just before an important presentation, exam, office or business day and you will be mentally up for the task!
  • ZenBooster helps you with that inner turmoil and mental pressure. The formula works in a soothing and relaxing way, so you quickly feel completely Zen again.