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Phyto Synergy Formulas

BrainBooster product formulas are based on the active ingredients of plants, which together with amino acids, vitamins and minerals enhance each other's effect. Based on the latest scientific understandings we opt for the most effective combination of traditional botanicals and innovative natural ingredients. You will always find organic compounds in our formulas, which your body recognizes as body's own and specific vitamins and minerals that accelerate the absorption process. Because of this high bioavailability, you can be sure that your body absorbs all the ingredients for the best results. Phyto synergy is natural, safe and effective!

Assured quality

Also for professional athletes

Doping Free certification

BrainBooster participates in the NZVT. The Netherlands Security System for Nutritional Supplements in Élite Sports (Nederlands Zekerheidssysteem Voedingssupplementen Topsport) inspects batch wise in a licensed and certified laboratory. BrainBooster also follows the prescribed HACCP protocol. In the NZVT database you will find the tested BrainBooster batches..
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BrainBooster represents quality and security. By using our products that are part of the NZVT system, you as (top) athlete, get the greatest possible assurance that the dietary supplements do not contain any doping.

Combining products

Which combinations work best?

Specific needs

Each of the three BrainBooster Phyto Synergy Formulas were developed se-parately to contribute directly and specifically to one of the three important mental states: Zoom, Zen or Mood. Only when all three contribute can you achieve your best performance.

Of course, you can have different needs on a stressful day or in a busy period. This is often the case in more hectic weeks. In these periods (like exams, or important weeks at work) a combination can be very effective! Read on to find out which product combinations will help you reach maximum mental performance.