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A healthy mind in a healthy body is a healthy life

Do you know anyone who has trouble sleeping? Do you know anyone who gets nervous before giving a presentation? Do you know anyone who lacks concentration now and then? 
Most probably you recognize yourself in at least one of these and most definitely you know someone that does. 
Now, would you like to take drugs to help you get to sleep with the risk of getting addicted? Or would you like to take a valium or some other drugs to calm you down? Or would you like to take 10 cups of coffee or a Ritalin to get you more focused? 
We can imagine that the answer to all of that is, ”No”. Who likes to take addictive prescribed drugs with loads of potential side effects? However there are times that you DO need some support to improve your mental performance. 
Would you be interested in natural products that have an immediate positive effect on your mental performance, without side effects, without addictive ingredients? 
BrainBooster offers exactly that!

Trends & Market Potential

You might think, for my personal use, yes I need this immediately. However as a business case no, because that market is already too crowded and the consumer will probably go for the quick fix. Then we have some interesting facts for you to convince you otherwise.


  • The role of Life Style Professionals, such as mental coaches, psychologists, therapists, yoga teachers and mindfulness trainers, will become much bigger in our daily lives
  • Within stress management programs Yoga & meditation segment is anticipated to witness the fastest growth rate over the forecast period from 2019 to 2026.
  • The market potential for sleep aids and stress management is about to grow to 80.000 million till 2025

What is in it for you?

Sales Synergy

  • Pyour and BrainBooster are typical products with high repeat sales
  • Most consumers will use several products of Pyour & BrainBooster line at the same time
  • Ideal facing on the shelf with limited space
  • Sales channels are a combination of retail (pharmacies, health stores, chains) and online e-commerce
  • Same consumer group for both product lines (predominantly women between 30-60 yrs)

Marketing Magic

  • Recommendation through Life Style Professionals (mental coaches, psychologists, therapists, yoga teachers and mindfulness trainers)
  • Products are natural, sustainable and tasty
  • Formulations are effective and scientifically proven

We offer you:

  • More than 25 years of experience in natural health products,
  • More than 16 million products sold worldwide,
  • Continuous new product innovations,
  • Patented ingredients, complete marketing toolbox,
  • Support on marketing strategy,
  • Product training,
  • Great commercial conditions

Pyour and BrainBooster are positioned as sister brands because both are so closely connected to the concept “a Healthy Body, a Healthy Mind”. More and more, people are aware of the fact the body is functioning as a whole, instead of fragmentizing it. The gut and the brain have such a strong connection, that it would be unwise to treat the symptoms separately. The two product lines Pyour (liver, bowels, immune system) and BrainBooster (mental performance) complement and support each other on symptoms that manifest both in the gut as in the mind

BrainBooster is a phyto synergy formulation based on natural ingredients. A phyto synergy formulation is a specific combination of active plant substances, vitamins and minerals that interact to enhance each other’s efficacy, making them more effective together that if used separately.

Trying is believing, so click here to receive your samples and let the BrainBooster products  be the ones to convince you. 




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